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Linkage Childcare Center Daycare will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children ages three months to ten years. Run by an experienced former elementary school educator (Chathu Sam).

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Our mission is to further the nurturing embrace of the family and to provide a bilingual curriculum and environment that develops the minds and bodies of every child at Linkage Childcare.

About Us


About Our Daycare

Linkage Childcare LLC is a safe place that both children and parents will call their second home. A place to laugh, learn, play and be loved. Children learn in different ways and at different paces. Learning is a marathon, not a sprint. Linkage Childcare LLC will provide an appropriate curriculum and environment that develops the minds and bodies of our children, so that all of our children will successfully cross the finish line at their own pace.

About Our Goals

Our goals are to develop and maximize the child’s individual development with the use of a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the whole child. Our goals are to provide a curriculum that focuses on the following components: Admin4you.

  • Language Development/Expansion
  • Early Literacy
  • Math, Science, Social Studies, and Arts Content.
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Culturally Rich and Diverse
  • Cognitive Development

About Our Program Objectives

  • To help the children feel welcome and eager for the day’s activities.
  • Provide large muscle development, cooperation, and socialization.
  • Enjoying stories; develops critical thinking and allows participation.
  • Learn new songs, develop cooperation, and learn rhythm.
  • Stimulate thinking, develop small muscle coordination.
  • Provide creative outlet and self-expression through the Arts.

In order to meet our goals for each child, we provide an environment that allows children to make choices, be treated as individuals and learn at their own pace. Our classrooms are designed using the activity center method. We organize the activity centers so that the children can choose their activities, facilitate their own play, and then easily re-organize independently. This allows children to move freely from the various activity centers and again, make choices.

Our teaching staff plans activities, both free-choice and teacher-directed, to enhance the activity centers as well as the children’s interests. Linkage Childcare utilizes an excellent, state approved curriculum program to further ensure that our lesson plans are developmentally appropriate and that our teachers can accurately assess your child’s individual progress

Linkage Childcare also uses developmentally appropriate assessments for each child. These tools track each child’s individual growth and allow teaching staff to appropriately plan activities for each child. We share assessments with families at our Fall and Spring conferences, at which time, teaching staff and families decide together a plan for continued growth and learning for their child.

We use themes at Linkage Childcare. However, these themes are just guides for each age group. There are many other activities being promoted that are not included in our monthly themes but are active components of our curriculum.


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